6 Garden Design Trends Taking Over In 2022

Garden designs have often been relatively limited, with residents historically preferring neat and tidy lawns. Flower beds have been kept tidy and sheds closed off and tucked away. These rather conservative trends were widespread across the UK until only a few years ago when things began to shift dramatically.

Now, gardens are seen as a place of creativity and utility, where more can be done than simply keeping the grass level. And, as we move through 2022, a new set of trends are taking over with homeowners everywhere seeking to improve their outdoor space.

Whether you are curious about the most popular designs or are looking for inspiration of your own, we’re sharing six of the most widely celebrated garden designs of the year.

Upcycled Decor

One could simply create a vertical garden using an old pallet or seek to establish an entire patio using the wood of old furniture. However, homeowners choose to go about it, upcycled garden decor is fashionable, demonstrating not only a concern for the environment by reducing waste but also a keen eye for design and a certain ability for manufacturing, promising it was done by hand.

Proud Produce

Gardens are becoming a place of harvest with homes turning their outdoor spaces into smallholdings and their growing patches into resources for the kitchen. From raised beds of legumes and roots to walls of hanging herbs and edible flowers, the garden is becoming not a space of decoration but one of flavour and nutrition, now more than ever.

No More Sheds

Sheds are the once treasured space of storage in our gardens. Now, however, their capacity isn’t enough to keep them relevant and, in 2022, more and more homes are choosing to embrace summer houses and cabins instead. In addition to the aesthetic improvements, such buildings also offer a wide range of possibilities, with residents creating workout spaces, home offices, and even hobby rooms out of their new builds.

Anything But Terracotta

Few will associate their garden with an abundance of colour, outside of their flower’s bloom, perhaps. However, this is all changing and homeowners are now seeking to add bold and bright aesthetics to their outdoor spaces, leaving no stone unturned. From pale blue plant pots to burned orange window sills, gardens are getting a vibrant makeover.

Creative Spaces

Peering into your neighbour’s garden might reveal more than just a new barbeque. Now, you might find yourself spotting a pottery wheel or pizza oven too. Such assets are space expensive and could only be suitable for an open outdoor space, which is why gardens are now becoming home to hobbies and creativity.

Wildlife Reserves

From urban beekeeping to small wildflower meadows, lawns are being swapped for ecologically supportive garden designs. As we transition to a trend of celebrating weeds and pollinators, the mowed lawn is earning itself something of a stigma, with homeowners now seeking to have a bountiful and environmentally friendly garden that welcomes wildlife instead of deterring it.

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