8 Easy Tips to Design a Small Kitchen Space in 2022

In today’s world of matchbox houses, a spacious kitchen remains an alien concept. We all must make do with our tiny kitchens and get creative when it comes to designing them.

Are you planning to revamp your old kitchen or design a new one? We would recommend you design your small kitchen in a way that boosts maximum kitchen storage, efficiency, and functionality while meeting your dream kitchen aesthetics.

We have decided to help you out and have come up with 8 expert small kitchen ideas that will help you create a perfect kitchen for your abode.

Sleek kitchen units 

One of the quickest ways to make your kitchen look spacious and clutter-free is to get rid of your bulky cabinets, stove and other kitchen components and install contemporary, sleek kitchen units which take up less space and are aesthetically pleasing. Embrace minimalism when it comes to your kitchen components and your home interior design and only keeps things that add value to your life.

Play with colours 

We are talking about picking a perfect hue for your kitchen cabinetries, countertops, and walls. You can give your guests an illusion of space by using light colours in your kitchen and making it appear light, airy and spacious.

Add touches of green 

Another small kitchen idea that works wonders is adding touches of greens throughout your kitchen. By adding indoor plants into your kitchen, you can instantly make your tiny kitchen look airy and radiate a refreshing and light vibe.

Use vertical space

Make use of the vertical space of your kitchen by installing open shelves and ceiling-high cabinetries. A pro kitchen design tip is to adorn your open shelves with fancy crockery and utensils, which will elevate the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. Another brilliant way to make optimum use of your kitchen’ vertical space is to have a pot rack where you can hang all your pots so that you get enough space in your cabinets for other utensils.

Hide your kitchen appliances 

If you feel that your kitchen appliances are making your tiny kitchen appear cluttered, then you can consider hiding them away. You can do so by hiding your fridge, dishwasher, oven and washing machine behind a cabinet door. This is a great idea for people who have minimalistic houses and want their home interior design to be sleek.

Use wicker baskets for storage 

Consider buying a few wicker baskets and placing them on the countertop or the floor by the window. Wicker baskets are perfect for storing items that you want to tuck away, and the best part is that they double as décor elements. Wicker baskets are a game changer for people who are looking to keep their tiny kitchens organised and clutter-free.

Install a brass or copper rail 

You can hang your cheese board, ladles, pots and other kitchenware on brass or a railing. Don’t have a space to keep your kitchen linens? You can now hang them on a railing, so that you can access them easily in the middle of your cooking.

Bring in the light

Bring in the natural light into your kitchen by installing a big window. This will instantly make your kitchen look spacious. You can also consider adding a mirror that will reflect light into the space and give an illusion of space. Consider adding pendant lights, task lights and chandeliers which will instantly light up your kitchen space and make it look roomy.

So, which of these kitchen design tips are you planning to try this year? Not happy with the traditional modular kitchen designs available in the market? Head over to the Asian Paints website and get in touch with their professionals who will understand your requirement and build a custom-made modular kitchen just for you.

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