Colored Wooden Floors and How to Choose a Suitable Option

It is a valuable investment to have hardwood floors on your property. However, it can be challenging to select the right option, especially if it is the first time having wooden floors. One of the most significant factors to consider is the type of hardwood you want to use. It will determine the grain that determines the aesthetic appeal.

On the other hand, finishing is an important factor that most people consider when choosing hardwood floors. There are different shades to them, and it depends on the ones that will attract you. The grey wooden flooring is stylish and popular for commercial spaces, while others may prefer the traditional brown that gives the place a realistic outlook. However, there are various colors you can consider when flooring with wood. This read will help you choose a suitable option to use.

1.     The Underlying Color Tone

Wooden floors will have the finishing touch and the undertones. Therefore it is critical to consider the latter option when choosing the right shade for the type of flooring. It is the color that underlies the finish. Therefore, you need to get a good blend between the underlying shades and what you will have for the finishing. The finishes are usually warm, but you can consider darker shades.

2.     Home Décor and Furniture

Items in the house should influence the floor colors. The home furniture and décor should not match the wooden floor shades but complement each other. It will be a cliché to match the colors. The best option is to select contrasting shades. If you are having trouble selecting the colors to match, an interior designer can help you choose.

3.     The Floor Space

The size of the room you want to floor can influence the color choice. Dark floors will be ideal for large spaces, while the lighter shades suit smaller rooms. It makes the spaces appear smaller and larger, respectively.

4.     Traffic

Wood floors can integrate well in different rooms. However, consider the traffic to the rooms when selecting the color for the floors. It is advisable to consider the natural colors of wood in high-traffic areas. The choice will help conceal any degradation to the flooring system due to human traffic. Therefore, the floors will continue looking good even when they experience wear and tear.

5.     Maintenance

Wooden floors will require maintenance to keep them looking great. Their color will determine the effort you put into keeping them appealing. Therefore, you need to consider the maintenance need when choosing a shade for your flooring. Use the solid colors for the high-traffic areas or kid’ play spaces, while the lighter shades can go for rooms with less traffic.

6.     Wall Colors

The wall colors should influence the shade you select for your hardwood flooring. It would be best to use the darker shades if the walls have bright colors, while dark walls can have bright floors.


There are different colors you can select for the wooden floors. Use the insights in this read to make a decision. An interior designer can help get the best outlook depending on your style.

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