Design Trends Of Personal Care Packaging

Personal care products are in evolving stage now and following the trend of nutraceuticals and cosmetics products to create their appeal and interest on the shelf. So far as their packaging is concerned, both functionality and eye-appeal are exceptionally important.

Keeping focus on both men and women, packaging design for personal care is transforming, and following the trend of other industries and shaping it to match with this product category. Some of the trends in these packaging design include the following:

Simplification in design

More focus on what really is essential is the trend that is emerging in packaging nowadays. Any best design will have definite clear purpose and also convey a very simple message in the overcrowded market. What the customer’s focus is, that will be the main priority. Simplification of designing of packaging may involve using:

  • Basic shapes
  • Larger text
  • Primary colors
  • Simple graphics and text
  • Simple and straightforward messages

Focus on green

Green is usually the focus of any personal care retail boxes with logo designs. Also, the consumers are preferring for any environmentally responsible packaging, which includes FSC certified materials and recycled papers.

Blues and greens are mostly used for packaging designs. Green signifies harmony and balance, security, growth and wealth. It also advocates natural, organic and healthy and hence is a good color choice for packaging for any environmentally-friendly product packaging. Trust, honesty, reliability, strength and unity is conveyed by blue color.

Organic shapes

Latest designs for personal care packaging are little more than any classic box e.g. cubes or circular packaging. Organic shapes are also emerging now in the marketplace, with flowing appearance.

Smart packaging

Consumers nowadays expect much more smart packaging that also includes much better designed openings as well as closings. Smart packaging will always extend shelf life, monitor more freshness, improves convenience and safety and also provides information about quality.

Individual packaging

More and more on-the-go or single-serve products need unique individual type of packaging, so that it may get more amount of focus on the shelf in order to compete with many other products present on the shelf. Nowadays we are living in world which is much more mobile and therefore most of the consumers look forward to their personal packaging such that it can easily fit into their very busy lifestyles and also can move as they are moving. Brands that can deliver a more fitting and enhanced experience for present day’s busy consumers, will always have an extra advantage in the current marketplace.

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