Dumper Truck Safety on a Construction Site

Using a dumper truck within construction comes with a number of inherent potential hazards. If you are responsible for hiring a dumper truck from a plant hire company, and in charge of managing a team of construction workers, there are a few things to be aware of.

Most fatalities involving dumper trucks are related to a collision between a dumper truck and a civilian. This most often takes place when a dumper truck is reversing with pedestrians nearby. The other cause is when a dumper truck overturns, causing injury or fatality to the driver.

Learning how to control the risk of accidents involving dumper trucks should be a priority within a construction site where there are many different types of hazards and dangers to be aware of at all times.

In terms of training and competence, ensure that all drivers are provided with full and extensive training that relate to the use of a dumper truck on a construction site specifically. This should include training certificates that relate to specific dumpers, and up-to-date regulations and site safety legislation. For pedestrians on site, have in place a training framework that includes knowledge on how to move around a construction site safely, utilising safe pedestrian routes and understanding the procedures to make a dumper truck driver aware of your presence.

Aside from that, a clear plan of action for dumper trucks is advisable when using them on a construction site. This can include:

  • Planning dumper use on gradients that are within safe working capacity (this will change depending on manufacturer and model)
  • Hire dumpers that have roll-over protection
  • Fully trained and certified dumper truck drivers that wear seatbelts at all times and follow all procedures
  • Evenly distribute loads and provide purpose-built, safe platforms for regularly transported items
  • Maintain a clear vision for drivers
  • Provide wheel stops at a safe distance from the edges of pits, soil heaps and excavations to prevent dumper tipping and falling

One way in which you can ensure that your staff members and visiting contractors on site understand how to use a dumper truck effectively and safely, is to utilise the knowledge and expertise of a plant hire company. A professional, high quality plant hire service will deliver the latest models of dumper trucks direct to your construction site, even in the remotest of locations. This ensures that all the latest technological innovation is present to aid not only with the effectiveness of the dumper truck but to improve safety standards when used.

A plant hire company will also have conducted thorough testing of all equipment being delivered to clients, made any necessary repairs and conducted all maintenance procedures. An agreement with a plant hire company ensures that if a dumper truck does break down on site, you’ll receive a visit as soon as possible to either repair or replace the dumper, ensuring that there is minimum disruption to the construction project. You will also receive extensive training on the specific dumper truck that you have hired for your needs, with an in-depth training manual, online tutorials and often on-site visits from plant hire specialists.

If a plant hire service does not offer you this level of service, it could lead to a higher risk of breakdowns, accidents, injuries, and potentially fatalities in the worst circumstances.  By combining this level of plant hire service with the information relating to specific dumper truck hazards you can begin to build a solid framework of health and safety around construction equipment and machinery that keeps your employees and contractors safe, whilst remaining at a high level of productivity. This is vital to meet deadlines and stay within tight budgets.

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