How Do You Mitigate The Noise Of Pickleball?

Pickleball is a game that is gaining popularity and is becoming increasingly popular in many communities. One of the most significant challenges of Pickleball is the noise it produces. The sound of the paddles hitting the ball and the ball hitting the hard surface of the court is disturbing to some people. Mitigating noise in Pickleball can be important to maintain a peaceful environment and reduce disruptions for players and nearby residents.

 Here are some steps you can take to help with pickleball sound mitigation;

Use quiet paddles

The materials used in making pickleball paddles significantly impact the noise produced. Some brands design paddles that produce a loud noise, while others create models that provide a quieter sound. Consider investing in a quieter pickleball paddle to reduce the game’s noise. Although quiet paddles can be more expensive, they are worth it, and you will have a more peaceful game experience.

Install sound barriers

You can install sound barriers like fences, hedges, or walls around your pickleball court if you have the space. This can significantly help reduce the noise that escapes the area. If you cannot install sound barriers, you can create a temporary structure like a screen that you can easily move around.

Play at less busy hours

Playing Pickleball at less busy hours is another way to reduce noise pollution. Suppose you play during peak times like weekends or evenings. In that case, consider playing off-peak when fewer people are likely around. This way, you are less likely to hear complaints about the noise from your neighbors.

Add more soft layers.

Pickleball sounds from the racket, the ball, and the court. Therefore, adding layers to any of these elements can significantly help reduce the noise. You can add a layer to the bottom of your pickleball paddle or use balls with a softer covering. Additionally, you can lay down a rubber or foam mat over the cement court to add a layer of cushioning.

Maintain the right distancing.

When playing Pickleball, keeping your opponent on the opposite side of your court is essential. Correct distancing and avoiding hitting the ball too hard are key to reducing the noise. When the ball goes too fast and hits the opponent’s racket hard, it produces a loud noise that can be not comforting to others. Try to throw the ball softer and always aim at the center of the court.

Community communication

Communication is another good way to mitigate the noise of Pickleball. Many pickleball courts have signs posted around their perimeter that indicate what side of the court is for each team. This allows players from different teams to communicate, which helps prevent duels and reduces confusion about who hit what ball or where it landed after hitting a ball on another court.


Playing Pickleball is an incredible way to get outside, exercise, and socialize. However, the noise produced can be a cause of concern and be discouraging to others. Applying the tips we shared in this post can help mitigate the noise while enjoying the game. You can use quieter paddles, install sound barriers, play during off-peak hours, add more layers, and maintain the right distance. So, grab your paddle and ball and follow these steps for a more enjoyable pickleball experience.

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