How much does it cost to Repair the Foundation?

The foundation of your home is the base on which your home stands. It needs to be strong and sturdy so that the building over it remains sturdy. Any problems with the foundation would require immediate repairs as this might lead to structural problems within the building.

The first thing before knowing the actual foundation repair cost Houston is the type of foundation that you have for your building. This is essential information as the cost of repairs, to an extent depends on the type of foundation and the issues that usually plague such foundations.

Factors affecting the foundation repair cost Houston:

  1. Foundation problems: If the foundation of the building has been made on compacted fill soils or expensive clay, chances are that it will settle and move. The foundations that are poorly maintained too face this problem. Cracks in door and walls are the first signs of the foundation problem.

It is recommended to get professionals check the foundation at the earliest as ignoring the problem can only lead to the cracks widening. This also means more damages and costlier repairs.

  1. Take structural reports: Taking the help of a structural engineer is the right thing to do. As the engineers are not selling you any solution, they will give an unbiased report. Spending money on getting the structural report is better than getting repair professionals to assess the situation first.

You can approach the repair professionals with the report and then ask about the foundation repair cost Houston.

  1. Slab jacking and Piering: These two techniques are ideally used to lift up a sinking foundation of concrete. Piering refers to the placement of several piers below the foundation to lift it. The engineers have to dig deep into the ground below the concrete foundation and place the piers that are lifted using the hydraulics. Once lifted the foundation is then stabilized so that there are no further issues.

Slab jacking is the process in which the foundation is made to float back to its original position by pumping a grout mixture into the space between the ground and the concrete foundation.

The choice of the method of repairing the foundation would rest on the engineers. They will assess the issues with the foundation and recommend the best solution so that there are no similar problems in the future.

You can take the quotes for foundation repair cost Houston from a few repair companies and then compare the pricing to get the best deal.

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