Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Commercial Properties

Maintaining a commercial property that not only functional but clean can take time. A great way to break down building maintenance is by season. Instead of waiting until one day you decide to clean everything, you could break the chores down by calendar. This will make each maintenance task more manageable throughout each quarter. It will also make a nice blueprint for workers to follow and maintain on a scheduled basis.

Maintenance By Season

Firstly, consider how each task is best suited for each season. Spring is typically associated with fixing up the landscape. Consider trimming or cleaning any debris outside. It is also a great time to clean your building’s exterior such as windows or sidewalks. Spring can also be the time to repair damages from the winter weather such as cracks caused by the ice in the pavement.

Before summer gets started it’s a great time to start looking for signs of pests. It’s also a good time to check your HVAC system, and clean the gutters before all the thunderstorms.

During the start of the fall, it’s a great time to check your heating system. It is also a great time to inspect the roof and pipes. Maintaining the roof and pipes in the fall is also important as they are suspectable to frigid conditions. Without checking, you can be at an increased risk of pipes bursting and roofs leaking.

Winter requires being proactive with snow and ice removal if you live in an area that requires it. Keep in mind not maintaining clear walkways to your property you risk leaving customers and staff in dangerous conditions.

If you are interested in check out a few more examples of maintaining your property check out the resource below. Keeping a commercial property is year-long work and by facilitating maintenance by season, you can rest easy knowing that your property is being sustained in a functional way.

Infographic created by Sweep-All, a lawn sweeper manufacturer

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