Ten intelligent and practical storage ideas for a small bedroom:

Living in small bedrooms is not a new concept in urban societies. Moreover, there is nothing like too much space when the concern is about the bedroom as you will always feel short on space.

Irrespective of whether you live in a small house or you live in a cramped BHK apartment, keeping your tiny bedroom clutter-free can be a daunting task. This blog will discuss the best wardrobe design and various other intelligent and practical storage ideas that can be perfect for a small bedroom. So, here we go!

1: Finding the best alternate for the closet:

The first and foremost thing that occupies most of the storage space inside your tiny bedroom is your closet. Most people living in a small bedroom lack an efficient storage space like a closet. Not having a sufficient storage space will ensure that your room is messed up during the entire day from the entrance to exit. If you don’t have space dedicated for a closet, you can use bins or baskets to sort your family members’ belongings.

2: Walk-through wardrobe:

If you are short on space and want a difference between your bedroom and wardrobe, you can create and walk-through wardrobe which will give you a serene space to sleep. It is highly recommended to go with lacquer finishing as they are pretty modern and durable, making them best in the business when the concern is about finding the best wardrobe design.

3: Shop for in-built small bedroom storage space:

If your small bedroom has an awkward shape or an incorrect form or pattern, you can use the free space or the corner space inside your room to place small bedroom storage space. When shopping for small bedroom storage spaces, ensure that you make the initial investment worth it; hence, don’t go for cheap options that you will have to replace quite often. You will get a wide range of small closets at an affordable range of prices.

4: Smartly hiding your storage:

A common mistake majority of people make is they don’t think about how they can smartly hide their storage and make their room feel like paradise. One of the best advantages of going with hidden storage is it will keep all the things within your reach despite hiding them from vision. You can also go for modern storage trends like a storage bench disguised with items or displaying anything else on top of it to conceal its presence.

5: Keep your floor clean:

A common similarity that you will find in most small bedrooms is that all the floors can stay calm and clean. You can use small cubes or rectangular storage options near the corner walls of your room. One of the best advantages of going with this idea is that you don’t have doors to open or close, hitting anything else in your tiny bedroom. You can also have a wall-mounted table along with lights inside your tiny world to read books or keep glasses or a smartphone.

6: Shop for multi-tasking furniture:

Pieces of furniture that are multi-tasking are the best storage options for small spaces. Irrespective of whether you want to build a home office inside your small bedroom or you want to build your gamin setup where you can play games throughout the night. You have to plan smartly as it will help you in relieving the stress of constantly cleaning your workspace. For example, you can tuck the stool or chair inside the bookshelf or hide small bins and baskets.

7: Making use of vertical storage spaces:

When you are concerned about finding the best storage options for small spaces, you can go with vertical storage spaces. The vertical storage spaces are perfect for tight quarters. You can make good use of vertical storage spaces in your room to store your favorite stuff like coral baskets which you can hang on the walls and behind the doors to store a wide range of options. You can also decorate it with gift wrappers to ensure it looks visually appealing.

8: Significance of creating a storage system: 

The above-mentioned options are perfect if you want to build a budget-friendly storage option for small spaces. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy a rich look and feel in your tiny bedroom, this option is perfectly made for your taste.

You can keep all your items in an open storage system such as clothes rails and open metal shelves and show off your great stuff to the modern world. One of the best advantages of opting for an open storage system is that you don’t have to find your best outfit as everything is present right in front of your eyes.

9: Building your storage options around the bed:

The bed inside your tiny bedroom will consume the majority of space after the closet; hence you must try to build your storage options around the bed to ensure that your room looks clutter-free even after ages. It will also add an artistic touch and feel to the room. You can shop for slim storage units like bed shelves and cupboards. You can also consult a furniture expert who can manufacture the furniture according to your needs.

10: Using your windows and hiding your electronics:

If a tiny room is all you have inside your home, you have no other option than to use your windows to hang things around like pans, dishes, and kitchen essentials in an accessible range. You have to also focus on keeping your room bright with daylight; hence plan wisely when building storage options around the windows. You have to also find the best space for your electronics like laptops, scanners, and printers as they can consume a lot of space when they are out.


As mentioned above, any room size can feel small if you don’t have the skill to optimize the best storage options within your bedroom. You have to also keep various substitutes in your mind when you are finding the best storage options for a small bedroom. For example, you can go with a tiny traditional sofa along with a bed or desk which you can use both for work and eat.

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