The Danger Of Dealing With Dust In The Workplace

While dust is known to pose many respiratory threats to those exposed, it can also cause large scale damage if not properly handled. Consider the many industrial settings that deal with dust run off from various agricultural products, metals, plastics, and other chemicals. The dust in these environments, by nature, are more combustible than in other environments. As previously mentioned, if not properly handled, this dust can cause a dust explosion. Dust explosions are incredibly strong, sometimes capable of causing structural collapse. In hopes of avoiding any sort of injury or death in these types of scenarios, it’s imperative for organizations to prioritize proper monitoring of airborne dust concentrations and installment of ample ventilation and containment measures. Prevention methods that are put in place properly can ensure that both organizations and their employees are remaining safe and in good health. For more information regarding the ways in which airborne dust is being handled in industrial settings, please check out the infographic shared alongside this post.

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