Top Commercial Odor Eliminators for Every Business

Lingering odors can affect even the cleanest businesses. Tackle stubborn malodors with industrial odor eliminators. Automatic odor control systems or handheld solutions are available in a variety of scents that will perform for homeowners to eliminate odors instead of cover them up.

It’s an undeniable fact that at some point businesses will get a bit smelly. Whether it be in the lunchroom, restrooms, or some other area one’ll want to eliminate the odors immediately to keep a positive atmosphere.

Business owners should keep the favorite handheld odor eliminators by their side to control odors as they occur. Use new Atom Air or AutoScents to automatically create a pleasant ambience or to control reoccurring pungent odors wherever they exist in the business.

AutoScents Automatic Dispenser Refills

A Garden Variety includes 4 cans each of these three delightful scents:

Botanical Bliss – touches of citrus combined with green tea and jasmine plus deep woodsy undertones. No known allergens.

Candied Rose – a modern floral scent of garden roses, geraniums and violets with touches of zesty lemon and sweet honey. No known allergens.

Purely Lavender – the calming scent of lavender awakened with zesty citrus and warmed by sandalwood and balsam. No known allergens.

AutoScents is Neutron’s metered spray system designed to handle even the most difficult odor control challenges automatically.

Unlike other spray systems that mask foul odors, Autoscents include a specially formulated ingredient that binds with odor molecules to completely neutralize them. Malodors are removed and replaced with a pleasant fragrance perfect for your business.

Each refill contains 3,000 sprays which last approximately 30 days when used with AutoScent 24/7 Automatic Dispenser. Use in the Programmable Dispenser to customize delivery that fits your needs.

Use Neutron’s AutoScents system everywhere. This compact yet powerful air freshening system combines a contemporary look with effective, affordable, and long-lasting performance to eliminate offensive odors and maintain an inviting atmosphere. Use in many different areas and building environments including:

  •          Restrooms
  •          Offices and Conference Rooms
  •          Lobby Entryways
  •          Garbage Disposal Areas

NI-712 Odor Eliminator – Botanical Bliss

A blissful spa-like scent that has touches of citrus combined with green tea, jasmine, and deep woodsy undertones Contains no known fragrance allergens.

Eco-friendly NI-712 Super Concentrated odor eliminators use compressed air to dispense a super fine mist.  Contains a unique odor-neutralizing ingredient specifically formulated to work fast eliminating your worst airborne odors in seconds.

This product contains no hydrocarbon propellants and can be sprayed from any position – even upside down.  One spray keeps an average 10x10x10 room odor-free for up to eight hours.

NI-712 is truly an industrial-strength product.  It eliminates odors – doesn’t just cover them up like so many other products and is effective against the most pungent odors including: smoke odor from cigars and cigarettes, spoiled food, fish odor, cooking odors, medical condition odors, incontinence odors, urine odor, pet odor, vomit… even skunk and Mercaptan odors.

Odor Beads Air Freshener – Botanical Bliss

The Botanical Bliss scent combines touches of citrus with green tea and jasmine plus deep woodsy undertones. The fragrance contains no known allergens.

Odor Beads release an air-freshening scent for 30 days or more providing passive, continual fragrance and odor control.  They contain Neutron’s powerful, patented odor-eliminating special ingredient.

Odor Beads are made using scent-saturated, recyclable polyethylene beads secured in a nylon pouch. Each bucket of Odor Beads contains 24 Bead Bags and one Bead Bin.

Directions for Use

  • Odor Control: Odor Beads are easy to use…and hide!  Just toss one of these small but powerful bags wherever you need it, or mount the exclusive Bead Bin Dispenser on doors, garbage can lid or air vents.  Place in vacuum cleaners, wet-dry vacs, air vents, hampers, campers, cars, trucks, buses, planes, boats, drawers, linen closets, patient rooms, offices, etc.

Cherry Charm Citronella Granular Airborne Odor Eliminator 

Cherry Charm effectively eliminates gaseous airborne odors in dumpsters at restaurants, offices, hotels, trash compactors, cigarette burns, sewage treatment plants, landfill sites, garbage trucks, municipal dumps, hospital waste, manure piles, loading docks, and all types of food waste, including meat, fish and poultry.

Cherry Charm’s powerful airborne odor counteractant properties are long lasting, which means that you’ll use less product to get the job done.

It’s easy to use: just sprinkle the cherry-scented granules into any dumpster or waste container after each service and watch airborne odors disappear!

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