Top Questions To Ask Your Moving Company Before Moving Day

It’s important to know what moving services a company offers before you hire them. This way, you can make sure that they have the necessary experience to handle your move.

Some questions to ask include: what are their minimum charges, what are their extra fees, and how much they charge for long carries or stairs. You should also find out what kind of insurance they offer.

1. How long have you been in business?

Beware of rogue moving companies that offer low binding estimates, then charge three or four times more on moving day. Also, look at customer reviews online to see if there is a pattern of complaints or negative feedback.

Finally, find out if the company has any hidden fees or additional charges (like for stairs, elevators, or long hauls). These can add up quickly and are often not disclosed until the bill arrives.

2. What is your minimum charge?

If you are using a truck rental service for your move, ask about their pricing structure. Rogue moving companies often hide fees in legal-speak or misrepresent them.

Make sure to find out what services are included in a company’s package and if they charge extra for additional items or for long carries. You should also find out about any fuel charges or other added expenses.

3. What is your cancellation policy?

Finding out what the company’s cancellation policy is is vital. Find out how far in advance they require you to book your move and what their penalties are if you cancel.

Some moving companies will guarantee a delivery date, but you should also know what their policies are in the event that they cannot meet this deadline. This includes a reimbursement policy and priority scheduling.

4. What is your insurance policy?

If anything goes wrong on moving day, it’s important to know what your movers’ insurance policy is. Find out if they offer liability coverage and how their employees are covered.

Also, find out how they determine additional fees such as bulky article charges or fuel surcharges. This will help you plan ahead and avoid any surprises on your bill. Additionally, find out what forms of payment they accept.

5. What is your storage policy?

If you need storage, it’s important to know the company’s policy and cost. Most reputable companies offer flexible terms and reasonable prices.

Ask the mover what types of storage they provide and if their pricing structure changes during a transfer or delivery. Also, find out if their estimates are binding or non-binding. This information can save you a lot of money.

6. What is your packing policy?

Depending on your move, packing services may be included in the cost of your move or you may need to provide your own packing materials. Ask the moving company how they determine their costs for packing services so you’re not surprised by a surcharge on your final bill.

Local movers should be members of the American Mover and Storage Association (AMSA) and long distance movers should have a USDOT number from the FMCSA. These numbers should be displayed on their website and other online profiles.

7. What is your loading policy?

If you want to make sure your belongings arrive safely and on-time, ask about a moving company’s shipment tracking. This can range from GPS monitoring to a simple call to get an update.

Keep in mind that movers can’t guarantee a delivery date, but reputable companies will put a guaranteed date in writing. Also, avoid movers that require advance deposits. They may be trying to hide hidden fees from you.

8. What is your unloading policy?

When the movers arrive on moving day, they’ll need to have your boxes ready and organized in one or two convenient locations for loading. It’s also a good idea to record utility readings for water, gas and electricity the night before.

Ask your mover whether they offer workers’ compensation for their crew. Also, find out if they’re a broker or carrier (they can be both). Also, check their USDOT number on the FMCSA database.

9. What is your inventory policy?

Ensure that the moving company in Westchester you’re considering offers itemized estimates and doesn’t charge extra for things like fuel or handling specialty items. Also make sure the company guarantees a delivery date in writing.

Many rogue movers use hidden fees to increase prices on moving day. Look for a company that offers binding estimates and customer reviews to avoid surprise fees. Lastly, ask about shipment tracking to help ease your mind during the move.

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