Used mobile cranes? Investing by buying used equipment

Construction workers are most likely familiar with mobile cranes. These hefty machines are very common on construction sites and contribute to a lot of different tasks. The majority of companies that work in construction buy all their equipment brand new. Used machines, however, get the job done just as good. Mobile cranes come in a wide range of models with different abilities. This is how buying used mobile cranes can help in construction.

Different types of cranes

First off, there’s a lot of different types of cranes. They’re generally used for moving, lifting and lowering heavy materials. Choosing a crane for your construction projects can be tough. A few trustworthy brands that sell mobile cranes, are Liebherr and Grove, well-known brands when it comes to construction.

Mobile cranes are the number one most used machines when it comes to construction projects. By producing different types of cranes, manufacturers ensure that every single project can be finishes successfully. Some cranes are equipped with tracks, which comes in handy when the construction side consists of sand or dirt. The tracks make moving around with the crane a whole lot easier.

Other cranes are secured to a truck. To unleash their full potential, these machines can be used for heavy lifting and moving of materials. Cranes that are secured to a truck have two cabins; one for the truck driver and one for the person that manages the crane. The cabin that directs the crane can spin around to make moving materials possible.

Another very common type of crane, is the long crane. High buildings and projects can be difficult to reach with a smaller sized crane and are usually impossible to build by hand. Tall cranes get the job done easily, by simply lifting the materials and placing them where they belong.

Used mobile cranes can contribute to a variety of tasks

As said before, used mobile cranes can contribute to a wide range of tasks. Building new houses, renovating old office buildings or simply transporting materials can be done a lot quicker and easier when using a mobile crane. Most cranes are decked out with ropes, sheaves and chains to offer support for the materials that need to be moved.

Mobile cranes use hydraulic pressure to operate. Most machines in construction use this type of energy to work properly. A hydraulic system consists of pipes, which contain some sort of liquid, usually oil. The pressure can be raised by using a pump which moves the cylinders inside the hydraulic system. The oil starts moving around and leads to movement of the crane.

When buying used mobile cranes, it’s of utmost importance that you check if the hydraulic system works properly. Without a good working system, the crane won’t operate as safely as it should. Keep that in mind while looking for a crane that supports your construction projects and chances are you’ll save a lot of money buying used equipment!

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