What Tools Are Needed for Painting & Decorating?

If you have decided to carry out some DIY painting & decorating, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as homeowners look to save money when improving the property. In order to help you with your preparation, here is a list of essential tools & equipment that you will need.

  • Paintbrushes – If you are looking to save money, buying cheap paintbrushes is not a good idea, as they will not leave a high-quality finish and will not last for very long. Ideally, you need at least one six-inch emulsion brush and a couple of 2-3 inch brushes for cutting in the walls. For glossing, you will need one or two 3-inch brushes and remember to clean them thoroughly after each use.

  • Roller and Tray – Ideally, you want a paint roller with a detachable long handle, for easy ceiling application. There are local painter & decorators who specialise in room painting in Bromley, and they are reasonably priced, should you decide to leave it to the professionals.

  • Sandpaper & Brushes – You will have to sand down the walls, skirting and architrave prior to painting, so have a selection of sandpaper that includes coarse and fine sheets.

  • Filler and Putty Knives – It is essential to fill any holes or hollows, so you will need a tub of ready-mixed filler or a packet to mix with water. The putty knife can be used for applying filler and scraping down surfaces.

  • Stepladders – Working at height requires a safe working platform, which can be provided by a pair of aluminium steps.

If you have all of the above, plus the paint you need, you are ready to start work, and the room should be finished in a couple of days.








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