What You Need To Do When Hiring A Skip Bin

Disposing of your own waste can be hard because it can be dangerous, time consuming, expensive and can cause accidents. Maybe you do not know how to divide the rubbish properly, you don’t know where to dispose of it, you do not have a trailer and a lot of other reasons that will lead you to just hiring from one of the skip bin hire Coffs Harbour companies out there.

Do not worry as the options of companies to hire skip bins from are plenty, however, if you want to get the most out of the service, one thing is a must, you have to find the right skip bin hire company.

Once you have found the right company to hire your needed skip bin from, you need to remember that as a renter, you have some responsibilities to adhere to if you want your hiring experience to be smooth and as easy as possible.

What You Need To Do When You Hire A Skip Bin

So, what are the things you need to do when you hire a skip bin? Read the following:

Use it properly

You have to make sure that you use the bins properly. Remember, you are just hiring the bin and it is your responsibility to return it exactly as how you receive it.

Here are some things you should know about skip bin’s proper use:

– Only throw garbage allowed in the bin

– Handle the bin with care

– Do not over fill the skip bin

Most of the time, damages to the bin are charged to the client. If this is a charge you would like to avoid, treat the bin like it is your own.

Throw all your rubbish before the company picks it up

You have to make sure that all waste that is supposedly placed in the bin is in the bin before the company collects it. You do not want extra service charges or extra work just because you failed to dispose of everything you needed dump.

You have to work within the time agreed in the hire agreement. Anyway, you know when to the bin is to be collected, so make sure that the job is done on or before that date.

Get necessary council permits

Lucky for you if you found a company that furnishes the permits on your behalf. If not, make sure to secure it before hiring a skip bin. You do not want delays or issues just because you failed to secure a council permit. If you have to leave the skip bin on the nature strip or on the road in front of the property, then you MUST have a council permit to avoid costly fines. It is best if you ask the company if they already have the relative council permits or if you need to do it on your own.

Rate and review their service

Are you happy with their service? Then do them a favor and give a good rating and/or review for their company. Google my business is probably the best way to do this. Simply put the name of the company you hired the skip bin from into google, and their google my business profile should appear within the map. Then simply click ‘write a review’, after logging into your google account, and leave your review with a star rating out of 5. If you were unhappy with their service, then write and score them as you feel is appropriate. You are doing this to help, not just the company, but also other people who might need this service today or in the future.

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