Why Excavation Tasks Need Experts to Do the Job?

Before you start doing construction works, you need to do excavation tasks. This is the time to prepare the ground. Even though it seems like a piece of cake, it’s a rather unsafe job that not everyone is capable of doing perfectly.

A lot of people who decide to take things into their own hands and construct themselves – get injured while excavating. That’s why you need to hire the pros and make sure everything goes smoothly. In this article, you can read the few most common problems that people face during this time. Read on and find out more about it!

Land sliding

Did you know that on average, two people are killed every month by landslides on places where excavation works are done? The reason for this is that sometimes not even engineers can predict the problem that will occur on the object. See why engineers are so important for construction works here.

It’s a much different story when you’re alone at the site and when there someone watching over you. Your life may depend on something that looks so simple to do. Even a small trench can fall apart for some reason and bury you underground. If there’s no one to help, you may suffocate or simply get trapped without the chance to get out.

Falling inside the trench with the vehicle

A common way to experience injury and make a lot of damage to the vehicle someone’s working with is by falling inside the area that was worked on. It takes just a tiny error for something like this to happen.

An inexperienced driver or a crew that is not skilled enough and is not helping the driver properly can make quite a mess. If something like this happens, the procedure for getting things in order is very complicated and it also costs a lot of money. Make sure you or the people you’re working with don’t get in this kind of situation.

Digging a hole can suffocate you

If you’re digging a hole to get yourself a basement or some kind of tunnel to lay a pipe inside means you’re creating a tiny room that is often facing a problem of having low oxygen levels. It’s a situation that is not too common but everyone must be aware of it.

Big tunnels where roads should pass are always facing this problem. That’s why the workers are obligated to wear masks with oxygen so they don’t get themselves in a dangerous situation. If you lose your breath, the panic that comes afterward can be even more problematic than anything else. Always be protected. Better yet, always hire excavation experts that know what they are doing and are complete professionals.

Always set clear signs about dangerous grounds

It’s not a minefield, that for sure, but the working area should always be protected with flags and signs that will show everyone about the works going on. This will make people more aware and will make them care for themselves in a way that will make them safe.

Very often, unclear signalization leads to confusing movement of people and equipment on the construction site. This ultimately leads to damage and injury of people. Often even to death. That’s why a proper signalization is more important than anyone might think.


Hitting pipes and cables that were there previously

One of the most common mistakes that excavators do is hitting the lines of the municipal infrastructure. Water and gas pipes, electric cables, and phone lines are all some of the things that might get damaged while working.

For this, it’s best to have the city’s plan and know exactly where things are. Even though it’s impossible to know everything, it’s best to lower the chance for something like this happening to zero. See more about this issue on the link: https://www.thespruce.com/miss-utilities-when-digging-in-yard-1821955.


All these problems can be taken down to an unimportant number if the professionals do their job perfectly. That’s why when hiring contractors, it’s important to ask for excavation experts. It may not just save money on equipment problems but it can also save lives to people who didn’t think things through.

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